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The Voyage Out: Centenary Perspectives

To celebrate the centenary of the publication of Virginia Woolf’s first novel, the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain has produced The Voyage Out: Centenary Perspectives. This book features a number of articles written by members about the novel, which was published by Woolf’s half-brother Gerald Duckworth’s company on 26 March 1915. Contributions include essays and memoirs by academics and common readers, with an introduction by Dame Gillian Beer.

The book, with a limited print run of 200 copies (a collector's item!), is on sale at the price of £22 incl. UK postage (*£25 Europe, *£27.50 Rest of World). To order, please email Sarah M. Hall at: smhall123@yahoo.co.uk
*Please note that your bank may charge you an additional fee for processing international payments.


Gillian Beer

Part I Context

'What a gift for pen & ink!’ A Chronology of the Composition of The Voyage Out ..... Mary Ellen Foley

The Contemporary Critical Reception of The Voyage Out ..... Lindsay Martin

Part II Memoirs

The Voyage Out, a Society and a Collection ..... Sheila Wilkinson

On First Encountering The Voyage Out ..... Wendy Nakanishi

On Teaching The Voyage Out ..... Janfarie Skinner

Part III Centenary Perspectives

‘Tut, Tut’: Censorship, Propriety and Obscenity in The Voyage Out ..... David Bradshaw

Classical Shock in The Voyage Out ..... Jim Stewart

Bayreuth and Berlin: The Voyage Out and the Place of German in Woolf’s Writing ..... Michèle Barrett

Voyages In? ..... Matthew Macer-Wright

Meeting the Dalloways ..... Priscilla Martin

Wild Nature, Afternoon Teas and Butterflies: Virginia Woolf, Victoria Ocampo and the South-American Dream ..... Giulia Negrello

Translations from the Russian

By Virginia Woolf and S. S. Koteliansky
Introduction by Laura Marcus, edited by Stuart N. Clarke. Limited edition of 300 copies. This omnibus hardback edition consists of the three books translated by Virginia Woolf and S. S. Koteliansky that have never previously been reprinted in the UK.
    Stavrogin’s Confession and the Plan of the Life of a Great Sinner (Hogarth Press, October 1922, in an edition of 1,050 copies)
    Tolstoi’s Love Letters (Hogarth Press, May 1923, in an edition of fewer than 1,000 copies)
    Talks with Tolstoi (Hogarth Press, June 1923, in an edition of about 1,000 copies)
£18 per copy (£22 overseas), including (surface mail) p&p. Cheques should be made payable to Virginia Woolf Society (please mark the back of the cheque ‘Translations from the Russian’) and sent to: Stuart N. Clarke, Fairhaven, Charnleys Lane, Southport PR9 8HJ, UK. To pay in US dollars, please email Prof. Lolly Ockerstrom at: ljsearose@gmail.com


These are large picture postcards, black on cream with Virginia Woolf's signature in purple, with a photograph of the Virginia Woolf memorial erected in Tavistock Square garden by VWSGB members (see upper wrapper of the Virginia Woolf Bulletin, issue 17). Size = 172mm x 126mm.

A set of five costs £2.50 (£3.50 to overseas addresses), including (airmail) p&p. Please email Sarah M. Hall at: smhall123@yahoo.co.uk to order.


This is an A5-sized notebook with 48 pages of plain paper and card covers. The front cover features a glossy black-and-white photograph of the garden of Monk's House.

The cost is £3 (£5 overseas), including (airmail) p&p. Please email Sarah M. Hall at: smhall123@yahoo.co.uk to order.

Annual Virginia Woolf Birthday Lectures
    • 1. Wave, Atom, Dinosaur: Woolf's Science (2000) by Gillian Beer
    • 2. 'This Moment I Stand On': Woolf and the Spaces in Time (2001) by Julia Briggs
    • 3. Virginia Woolf, Photography and Modernism (2002) by Maggie Humm
    • 4. Winking, Buzzing, Carpet-beating: Reading Jacob's Room (2003) by David Bradshaw
    • 5. 'The True Nature of Woman' from Wollstonecraft to Woolf (2004) by Lyndall Gordon
    • 6. 'The Exhibition Is in Ruins': Virginia Woolf and Empire (2005) by Anna Snaith
    • 7. The Child of Two Atheists: Virginia Woolf's Humanism (2006) by Sybil Oldfield
    • 8. Composing Oneself: Virginia Woolf's Diaries and Memories (2007) by Alison Light
    • 9. Leslie Stephen: A Nineteenth-Century Legacy (2008) by Henrietta Garnett
    • 10. Virginia Woolf and the Clergy (2009) by Jane de Gay
    • 11. Virginia Woolf and the Art of the Novel (2010; published 2015) by Laura Marcus
    • 12. Virginia Woolf and Friends: The Influence of T. S. Eliot and Katherine Mansfield (2011) by Sue Roe
    • 13. Virginia Woolf, Fame and Gloire (2012) by Michael Whitworth
    • 14. Burns Night/Woolf Supper: Birthday Thoughts on Virginia Woolf and Scotland (2013) by Jane Goldman
    • 15. 'To pin down the moment with date and season' (2014) by Hermione Lee
    • 16. Woolf in Winter (2015) by Alexandra Harris
    • 17. Virginia Woolf and Tristram Shandy (2016) by Frances Spalding
£4 each (£6 to overseas addresses), including (airmail) p&p. Cheques in sterling should be made payable to 'Virginia Woolf Society' and sent to: Stuart N. Clarke, Fairhaven, Charnleys Lane, Banks, Southport PR9 8HJ, UK. If you wish to order three or more Birthday Lectures, please email Stuart N. Clarke at: stuart.n.clarke@btinternet.com as there may be a discount.

Virginia Woolf Bulletin

For individual and back issues, and details of contents, please see Virginia Woolf Bulletin page of the website. NB For payments in US$$, please email Stuart N. Clarke at: stuart.n.clarke@btinternet.com